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7 Most Popular Gemstones It’s Shape and Cuts

June 15, 2024 | by

Gemstones have always captured our desire and hearts for their cherishing beauty and brilliance  These fiery jewelry pieces are known to capture the fire’s vivacious beauty throughout the tomes. Indeed, by shaping these magical gemstones, one can unlock the light efficiently.

Shape and cuts of popular Gemstone

Let’s delve into various shapes and cuts of popular gemstones:

Ruby: The most prized Ruby gemstone is highly durable and can be shaped to attain its maximum brilliance. Round rubies can be easily fetched for a reasonable purchase for their sparking inclusions and shadows. The vibrant Manik stone is set well for every shape and setting.

Diamonds: Diamonds are recognized for their instinctive brilliance, which makes them the most prized of all the gemstones. Available in a vast variety of sizes and grades, this gemstone can easily land you within your budget.

Yellow sapphire: Cushion-cut yellow sapphires or original Pukhraj Stone are beloved for the fire within them. Evergreen cushion-cut sapphires are the most desirable, and yellow sapphire stone is known to be the most cost-effective choice for rings and pendants.

Emerald: It is an excellent version for nature lovers who love gemstone engagements. Combining with the myriad of styles, this gemstone looks perfect in every shape and size. From round to cushion, this gemstone can maximize its fire. The popular emerald cut was shaped by the Art Deco movement. The emerald cut provides excellent symmetry along with elegance.

Amethyst: Amethyst gemstones are adored for their striking purple color and affordability. The celebrities proudly own amethyst gemstones in their engagement rings by experimenting with all shapes and cuts, like round, cushion, and princess cut. They can be as fabulous as they are stunning as solitaire stones.

Topaz: oval cut Topaz is loved for its brilliance and contemporary beauty. These stunning stones are preferred for their moderate price among diamonds. Due to their durability, topaz can be shaped in every facet.  Topaz captures all attention due to its availability in larger sizes, but it can also be attractively set in other rings. 

Aquamarine: Aquamarine when combined with its brilliance and fashion shape, this gem can be irresistibly prized for its exquisite beauty. Contemporary cutters choose pear-cut shapes for more facets than any of their counterparts. This enables it to reach its maximum brilliance and acceptance.

End Note 

These elegant, durable, and striking cuts describe a true piece of art. At Navratan, you can pick your classy flashes of light, and of course, we promise these simple cuts will not break your bank account. The clear steps along the shape and intensity of colors make it a perfect choice for naturally occurring gemstones. Explore our collection in a variety of shapes and cuts. 

There are many types of stones, sets, and rings that you can choose from when shopping for a ring. Make sure you find one that is both beautiful and cheap. It can be annoying and take a long time to do this. Navratan is here to help you feel less stressed about this process. We’ll begin looking for the ideal gem for you as soon as you call, email, or even meet with us in person.


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