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Finding Solace 1200 Duas for Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

May 21, 2024 | by Freya Parker

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In moments of distress and despair, turning to prayer can be a source of immense comfort and strength. Duas, or supplications, hold a special place in Islam as a means of seeking guidance, peace, and solace from the Almighty. This collection of 1200 Duas aims to provide a comprehensive resource for those grappling  anxiety and depression. Through heartfelt prayers, may we find resilience, inner peace, and the courage to navigate life’s challenges with faith and patience.

Seeking Calm Amidst Turmoil

  1. Dua for Tranquility: “O Allah, make my heart tranquil and at ease, and remove all distress and anxiety from my soul.”
  2. Dua for Peace of Mind: “O Allah, grant me serenity in times of chaos, and clarity in moments of confusion.”
  3. Dua for Contentment: “O Allah, bless me with contentment in all circumstances, and grant me patience to endure trials with grace.”
  4. Dua for Inner Peace: “O Allah, envelop me in Your peace, and shelter me from the storms of anxiety and fear.”
  5. Dua for Relief from Worries: “O Allah, alleviate my worries and burdens, and replace them with tranquility and trust in Your divine plan.”

Overcoming Anxiety

  1. Dua for Courage: “O Allah, strengthen my heart and grant me the courage to face my fears with steadfastness and resilience.”
  2. Dua for Protection from Anxiety: “O Allah, shield me from the whispers of Shaytan and the grip of anxiety, and fill my heart with trust in Your protection.”
  3. Dua for Peaceful Sleep: “O Allah, ease my mind and grant me peaceful sleep, free from restless thoughts and anxieties.”
  4. Dua for Overcoming Panic: “O Allah, relieve me from the grip of panic and anxiety, and grant me the ability to breathe deeply and find calm in Your remembrance.”
  5. Dua for Trust in Allah’s Plan: “O Allah, help me surrender my worries to You, and trust in Your wisdom and mercy to guide me through every trial.”

Finding Hope in Times of Depression

  1. Dua for Light in Darkness: “O Allah, illuminate my path with Your guidance, and dispel the darkness of despair and hopelessness from my heart.”
  2. Dua for Emotional Healing: “O Allah, heal my heart from the wounds of sadness and depression, and grant me the strength to rise above despair.”
  3. Dua for Joyful Heart: “O Allah, fill my heart with gratitude and joy, and lift me from the depths of despair to the heights of hope.”
  4. Dua for Patience in Adversity: “O Allah, grant me patience in times of sadness and despair, and remind me that with every hardship comes ease.”
  5. Dua for Renewed Faith: “O Allah, strengthen my faith and grant me the conviction that Your mercy surpasses all trials, and Your light shines even in the darkest of days.”


In times of stress, anxiety, and depression the power of prayer cannot be overstated. As we immerse ourselves in these 1200 Duas, let us remember that true healing comes from turning to the One who knows our struggles intimately. May these supplications serve as a beacon of hope and comfort, guiding us towards inner peace, resilience, and unwavering faith in Allah’s infinite mercy. Ameen.


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