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How important is the reputation of your e-commerce in London UK?

June 16, 2024 | by sophiaivy


How important is the reputation of your e-commerce to you n London UK?

In SEO, there is a sector of professionals who are responsible for leveraging the construction of your authority: Link Builders have the essential function of obtaining quality external links that increase the authority of your page. The process of creating and maintaining a good relationship with the press and partners is carried out by them. Furthermore, all external linking strategies, guestposts and topic suggestions are your responsibility.


The user is Google’s biggest priority, and they won’t think twice about placing your page on the tenth page of the SERP if you aren’t meeting their needs. Therefore, when SEO On and Off come into synergy, there are only positive points in the user’s navigation – and this results in the positioning of your website!

What is the appropriate profile for an SEO professional?

SEO connects your solution and product to the searches people are doing today! Therefore, innovation, creativity and responsibility must be the basis of any project that will be carried out for your website – and, of course.
Innovation and creativity, because content that adds value and relevance is only produced by those who have experience and creative freedom to understand users’ intentions in a humanized way, no longer thinking only about the bots that Google has London SEO Expert.

With the positioning of your company, they become prominent and, consequently, obtain a reputation. Therefore, it is the responsibility of SEO professionals or agencies to protect them.

Taking all this into account, an SEO professional must be:

  • Creative;
  • Responsible;
  • Innovative;
  • Updated;

Passionate about learning new things.
Skills that an SEO professional should develop
There is no need for certification to get started, but in the same way that Google is remodeling itself every moment, so is the market and SEO.

It is important to be practical and objective when entering the world of SEO. There are many functions and skills that can be observed, including:

  • Research and use of keywords;
  • Have a vast vocabulary;
  • Mastery of SEO grammar and terminologies;
  • Be well informed, after all, in content SEO you need to know how to talk about any proposed topic;
  • Create attractive copies for titles and descriptions;
  • Being able to write in other languages ​​is a differentiator for multilingual websites or markets;
  • Knowledge about the principle of scannable reading;
  • Ability to use tools to analyze metrics and websites;
  • Have a domain or mere knowledge in hosting; redirects, error pages, use of JavaScript, HTML codes, sitemap, Google updates and others.
  • Today, it’s not news to anyone that those who master other languages ​​stand out, but for SEO it’s specifically interesting, as their vocabulary is full of English terms.

It is also important to remember that a true professional constantly feeds on SEO and periodically seeks new knowledge.

Remembering that many companies already carry out this training of new professionals and are willing to hire them, thinking carefully about creating a qualified team in Search Engine Optimization.

A cultural revolution:

The introduction of an SEO professional into the company can bring a projected vision of your e-commerce objective, be it sales, authority or positioning.

With this inquiry, the professional knows exactly when and what to apply to achieve the desired results.

In addition to all the contributions, he can bring the SEO culture to the entire company, so that, as a unit, everyone can do their part in converting new customers.


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