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How to Drink Cognac: Understanding the Age and Taste

June 24, 2024 | by jamesfoster

Do you enjoy trying out various alcoholic beverages? If so, you must be familiar with cognac. This classy and refined spirit has a lengthy history and a subtle flavor profile.Cognac  is a great option for those looking to buy cognac online for a special occasion. Only the Cognac region of France produces the brandy type known as cognac. It undergoes two distillations and is produced from particular kinds of grapes. Cognac is aged in wood barrels, which gives the spirit a distinctive flavor and aroma.

How to Drink Cognac

To truly appreciate the flavor and scent of cognac, you’ll need time and a little bit of understanding. Here are some recommendations for drinking cognac.

Choose the Right Glass

When consuming cognac, picking the right glass is essential. A tulip-shaped snifter is the appropriate glass since it allows the smell to concentrate at the top. The glass’s small aperture traps the aroma inside, making it simpler to enjoy the fragrance.

Serve at Room Temperature

Serve cognac at room temperature or a little bit warmer. This will aid in releasing the spirit’s aroma and flavor.

Rotate the Glass

Gently swirl the glass before sipping. You’ll be able to taste the various flavors of the alcohol and help the scent to release.

Drink Little Sips

Spirits like cognac should be enjoyed slowly. Take modest sips and give the drink a moment to linger in your mouth. You’ll be able to completely enjoy the flavor and scent of the alcohol if you do this.

Combine with Food

Like wine, cognac can be paired with food. Desserts made of fruit, chocolate, and cheese pair well with it. The rich, nuanced flavors of the cognac will go well with the sweetness of the dish.

Cognac Age

Cognac is aged in wood barrels, which gives the spirit a distinctive flavor and aroma. The length of time that cognac has been aged in oak barrels is referred to as its age. When it comes to the flavor and cost of the cognac, cognac’s age is a crucial consideration.

Very Special (VS)

The newest type of cognac is called VS, which stands for Very Special. It has at least two years’ worth of oak barrel aging. VS cognac has fruity notes and a faint vanilla undertone. It is light and refreshing.

Very Superior Old Pale or VSOP

Very Superior Old Pale, or VSOP, is a drink that must spend at least four years maturing in oak barrels. The flavor profile of VSOP cognac is more nuanced, with hints of caramel, toffee, and spices.

Extra Old, or XO

Extra Old, or XO, is matured in oak barrels for at least ten years. Rich and sophisticated, with a full-bodied flavor and an extended, silky finish, XO cognac.

Hors d’Age

Cognacs that have been matured for more than 30 years are referred to as hors d’âge. These cognacs have a complex flavor profile, a rich, smooth finish, and are incredibly rare and expensive.

Taste of Cognac 

The type of grapes used, the distillation technique, and the aging procedure all have an impact on cognac’s unique flavor profile. The flavors and fragrances that you can expect from cognac are listed below.


Younger cognacs frequently contain fruit tastes. In VS cognacs, you might detect hints of apricot, peach, and pear. The fruit notes in cognac mellow out with age.


Almond and hazelnut flavors are frequent components in VSOP and XO cognacs. These tastes come about as a result of the spirit’s interaction with the oak barrels as it ages.


Older cognacs frequently have spicy notes like nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove. These tastes come about as a result of the spirit’s interaction with the oak barrels as it ages.


Q: Does the taste of cognac change with age?

A: Cognac’s taste is significantly influenced by its age. While older cognacs have a more complex and full-bodied flavor, younger cognacs have a lighter, fruitier flavor.

Q: Can I combine cognac with other beverages?

A: Traditionally, cognac is sipped neat or with a little water. But it can also be added to drinks like the Sidecar and Sazerac.

Q: What distinguishes cognacs with VSOP and XO?

A: VSOP cognac is aged in oak barrels for at least four years, while XO cognac is aged for at least ten years. A more nuanced flavor profile and greater perceived quality are two characteristics of XO cognac.


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