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Human Microbiome Market Analysis Forecast 2024-2032

June 27, 2024 | by Shunmarsh

Human Microbiome Market

Global Human Microbiome Market Analysis

The Global Human Microbiome Market is projected to experience significant growth, with an anticipated increase to US$ 3.05 Billion by 2032 from US$ 0.72 Billion in 2023. This represents a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 17.48% during the period from 2023 to 2032.

The human microbiome refers to the diverse community of microorganisms inhabiting the human body, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other single-celled organisms. Weighing in at up to five pounds, these microorganisms play crucial roles in regulating the immune system, aiding in food digestion, protecting against harmful bacteria, and synthesizing essential vitamins such as B and K. This intricate ecosystem, consisting of bacteria, archaea, viruses, and eukaryotes, both inside and outside our bodies, holds vast potential for applications in various fields. As awareness of the beneficial effects of prebiotics and probiotics continues to grow, the demand for these products is expected to increase significantly as part of preventive health measures.

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Factors Driving Human Microbiome Market

The growing prevalence of lifestyle diseases: The increasing occurrence of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity, and autoimmune disorders is a major factor driving the human microbiome market. Research continues to establish connections between these conditions and imbalances in the human microbiome – the community of microorganisms living in and on the body. The microbiome regulates immune function, metabolism, and overall health. As awareness of the microbiome’s influence on disease prevention and management grows, there is a rising interest in microbiome-based therapies, probiotics, and prebiotics. These advancements restore microbial balance and promote health, leading to market growth. The potential for personalized medicine approaches using microbiome data for targeted interventions further emphasizes the expansion of the market as healthcare systems worldwide seek effective solutions to address the increasing burden of lifestyle-related diseases.

Rising Government funding for the Human Microbiome Project: Government funding for the Human Microbiome Project has catalyzed significant advancements in microbiome research and therapeutic development. This initiative aims to explore the diversity and function of microbes inhabiting the human body and their role in health and disease. Funding supports large-scale studies to characterize the microbiome across different populations, identify microbial signatures associated with diseases, and develop novel interventions. Governments recognize the potential of microbiome-based therapies to revolutionize healthcare by offering targeted treatments for various conditions, from gastrointestinal disorders to metabolic diseases and beyond. By investing in the Human Microbiome Project, governments foster collaboration among researchers, industry stakeholders, and healthcare providers to accelerate the translation of microbiome science into clinical applications, ultimately improving patient outcomes and advancing public health initiatives globally.

North American Human Microbiome Market

The United States is the largest market in North America for the human microbiome, followed by Canada. The American Cancer Society predicts that there will be approximately 1,918,030 new cancer diagnoses in the United States in 2022. According to Globocan 2020 data, there are 274,364 new cancer cases, which is expected to reach 400,564 by 2040. The increasing incidence of cancer is expected to drive market expansion due to the role of gut microbiota in regulating tumor therapy and improving patients’ response to immunotherapy while reducing the adverse effects of chemotherapeutic drugs. This market expansion is further supported by an increasing number of research studies and the backing of regulatory bodies for investigation. 4D Pharma plc received FDA approval in February 2022 for two Live Biotherapeutics, MRx0005 and MRx0029, as investigational new drugs (IND) to treat Parkinson’s disease. These approvals are expected to have a positive impact on the market’s development.

Human Microbiome Company Analysis

Prominent players in the Global Human Microbiome Market include DuPont, Evelo Biosciences Inc., Finch Therapeutics Group Inc., Ginkgo Bioworks, Seres Therapeutics, AOBiome, Astarte Medical, Axial Biotherapeutics, Inc. and Osel Inc.

Human Microbiome Company News

Sept 2022: The FDA has completed the BLA application process for Seres Therapeutics Inc.’s SER-109 drug, a groundbreaking approach to treating recurrent C. difficile infection. This innovative treatment aims to elevate the current standard of care for rCDI.

Sept 2022: The FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee approved Ferring Pharmaceuticals’ RBX2660 investigational microbiota-based live biotherapeutic trial to reduce C. difficile infection (CDI) recurrence after antibiotic therapy.

September 2022: Seres Therapeutics Inc. completed the submission process for its BLA application to the FDA for SER-109 to prevent recurrent C. difficile infection (rCDI). It is an entirely new treatment modality that promises to improve the current standard of medical care for rCDI.

September 2022: Ferring Pharmaceuticals received a positive vote for RBX2660 by the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee for its investigational microbiota-based live biotherapeutic study, which has the potential to reduce the recurrence of C. difficile infection (CDI) after antibiotic treatment.

Application – Global Human Microbiome Market breakup into 2 Viewpoints

  1. Therapeutics
  2. Diagnostics

Disease – Global Human Microbiome Market breakup into 7 Viewpoints

  1. Obesity
  2. Diabetes
  3. Autoimmune Disorders
  4. Cancer
  5. Gastrointestinal Disorders
  6. Central Nervous System Disorders
  7. Other Diseases

Product – Global Human Microbiome Market breakup into 4 Viewpoints

  1. Probiotics
  2. Prebiotics
  3. Symboitics
  4. Other Products

Geography – Global Human Microbiome breakup of 25 Countries

North America

  1. United States
  2. Canada


  1. France
  2. Germany
  3. Italy
  4. Spain
  5. United Kingdom
  6. Belgium
  7. Netherlands
  8. Turkey

Asia Pacific

  1. China
  2. Japan
  3. India
  4. Australia
  5. South Korea
  6. Thailand
  7. Malaysia
  8. Indonesia
  9. New Zealand

Latin America

  1. Brazil 
  2. Mexico
  3. Argentina

Middle East & Africa

  1. South Africa
  2. Saudi Arabia
  3. United Arab Emirates

All the Key players have been covered from 4 Viewpoints:

  1. Overviews
  2. Recent Developments
  3. Product Portfolio
  4. Revenue

Companies List

1.    DuPont

2.    Evelo Biosciences Inc.

3.    Finch Therapeutics Group Inc.

4.    Ginkgo Bioworks

5.    Seres Therapeutics

6.    AOBiome

7.    Astarte Medical

8.    Axial Biotherapeutics Inc.

9.    Osel Inc.

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