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Top 10 Reasons to Hire a UK Education Consultant in Noida? 

June 12, 2024 | by Eduler

study in the UK Without IELTS

Appointing an education consultant in Noida for MBBS in the UK could offer great help to students. 

Here are top 10 reasons to consider: 

  1. Expert Guidance on Admissions: An education consultant in Noida for MBBS in the UK is up to date with the application procedures, prerequisites, and dates of the universities in the UK. They also help make it more organized, so you know you can fulfill all requirements. 
  1. Selection of University and Course: Based on the study requirements and academic record, consultants can guide you in selecting the right university and course as per your career goals and personal interests. They understand the strengths of various UK providers and the specialties of UK providers. 
  1. Application Assistance: They help with the preparation and submission of applications such as how to properly fill in forms, and what records need to be compiled. 
  1. Consultants can guide you on how to best showcase your strengths, accomplishments, and goals. 
  1. Scholarship and Financial Aid Guidance: Higher Education consultants are fully aware of the different scholarships, and other modes of financial aid accessible for foreign students. 
  1. Visa Application Support: The process of obtaining a visa in the UK can be daunting. This means that it helps you prepare your visa application and provides details on documents and interviews, eventually increasing your chances of getting a student visa. 
  1. Test Preparation: Consultants help you in preparing for standardized tests like IELTS or TOEFL, which are mandatory for getting admission to UK universities. 
  1. Academic & Cultural Insights: The consultants guide you through the UK culture and academic setup and offer you everything that you need to be prepared for life as an international student. 
  1. Networking Opportunities: Education consultants also have alumni and current students who can give guidance, advice, and more importantly an insight into student life in the UK. 
  1. Post-Admission Support: Post admission, several consultants provide continued support services in terms of accommodation, pre-departure orientations, etc., in adapting to a new environment. 

How does Eduler have an edge over other education consultants in Noida for MBBS in the UK? 

  1. Tactical Skill and Experience: Eduler has a team of highly experienced consultants to help you with your MBBS application to UK universities. 
  1. Full Context of University Selection: Eduler helps you discover the top universities and medical colleges in the UK that best fit your academic profile, career goals, and personal choices. 
  1. Individualized Application: Eduler provides personalized support for the entire application process. That personal support helps to boost your chances of getting accepted. 
  1. Guidance on Entrance Exams: Eduler can help by offering resources and counsel on getting the best scores on these exams. 
  1. Soft skill development: Application, design, essay, and personal statement support one cannot downplay the importance of a good personal statement for MBBS applications. Eduler helps you with writing and editing your statement, so it does just that. 
  1. Tuition and Scholarships: Eduler helps you find and apply for scholarships, grants, and other financial aid. 
  1. Support with visa & immigration: Eduler provides all-around support for the visa application process such as preparation of documents, information on visa requirements, and guidance for visa interviews. 
  1. Support Before Departure and After Arrival: In the UK, Eduler holds pre-departure orientations to help you get ready for a new life, about housing, cultural adaptiveness, and what they will demand in terms of academic load from you. 

Additionally, they provide you with post-arrival support for when you land to assist you in acclimatizing to your new environment. 

  1. Networking Opportunities: Eduler has a large network of alumni and current students who can guide you in your journey. These links can be good sources of guidance and help during the progress of your MBBS. 
  1. Continuous Academic and Career Support: Eduler also provides ongoing academic and career support as you navigate through the maze of medical school and prepare for your eventual career in medicine. 


Eduler provides a 360-degree support for students including information on internships, residencies, and job placements. This ensures any information you receive is accurate, relevant, and often custom fit for what you need. They offer insights on the strengths, specializations, and admissions requirements of each institution. 


  1. How does an education consultant in Noida help in pursuing an MBBS in the UK? 

With a UK education consultant in Noida, you can improve your prospects of being accepted by that university. They offer guidance in all aspects of coming to the UK, ensuring that you are both at ease and your journey into your overseas study is as seamless as possible. 

  1. Which consultancy is best for MBBS in the UK? 

Eduler is a good pick if you are looking to study MBBS in the UK as it delivers a thorough and customized application that can assist you in getting admission. The invaluable assistance provided by Eduler will greatly improve your odds of success and will facilitate a genial shift to studying and living in the UK. 

  1. Why should you hire an education consultant in Noida for MBBS in the UK? 

There are many advantages of hiring an education consultant in Noida for your MBBS in the UK, expert guidance, personalized support, entrance exams and visa application help, scholarships, and many more. This high level of support can greatly increase your chances of success, reduce stress, and help ease your transition into your studies and UK life in general. 

  1. Is doing an MBBS in the UK worth it? 

Yes, pursuing an MBBS in UK is worth it as the quality of education is high, the degree is globally recognized, advanced technology, diversity, alumni networks, and career benefits. 

  1. Which country is the best to pursue MBBS? 

The UK, USA, and China are the best countries to pursue MBBS. 

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