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What requirements should be evaluated when hiring an SEO professional in London UK?

June 16, 2024 | by sophiaivy


What requirements should be evaluated when hiring an SEO professional in London UK?

You know that click made on the first page of Google when you find something relevant to you? It is the consequence of a set of processes and people that make searches more optimized, creating faster and more objective experiences. London SEO Expert

This activity is called SEO, and its acronym stands for Search Engine Optimization. Simply defined, it is a set of good practices carried out to optimize and position websites organically.

With e-commerce growing by 27% in the last year, the search for efficient strategies has increased. Among them, SEO. And, for such a large demand for services, qualified professionals are needed.

In this content, candidates and contractors will learn about the criteria for selecting an SEO professional, what are the different areas of activity within the field, what the profile of an SEO professional should be like and in what ways he can revolutionize the company in which he works. Act! Check out!

Hire or be Hired?

The title of this article may have left you confused about what you will find while reading. If you’re looking for tips when hiring an SEO professional, I have what you need. What if you came looking for qualification tips? Also!

After all, contractors and candidates are part of the same ecosystem. It is natural and healthy for the market that they are aligned on how the area works.

How does the Remuneration of an SEO professional work?

There are some concerns shared between contractors and candidates, such as the price of the service and expectations about work in the area. To begin with, let’s deal with them!

Quality work requires recognition and has significant value. Therefore, as a recruiter, it is important to take into account a salary range that is not below market value so that it matches what you expect upon delivery.

A professional with expertise has certainly already invested a lot of time and energy in training, other work and has internal expenses with tools and extracurricular training.

For those who want to be hired, it is important to analyze what types of expectations the contractor has so that you can establish a price. A tip for both you and professionals in any other profession is: always add value to your work – preferably in a practical way – so that you can have the authority to charge a proportionate amount, always being very fair and ethical.

Aligning expectations and defining what you need can be the ultimatum for decision making. And an expert can help you discover when the right time is to invest in SEO.

What to analyze when hiring?

When it’s time to choose the person responsible for managing SEO in your e-commerce, take into account their know-how and qualifications as a priority – and, of course, a profile that fits the company’s values. The sum of these three main factors results in a person who is compatible with the company and who is capable of managing a team focused on SEO strategically.

Know How:

Experience is extremely important, and having a wealth of resources that can help when applying SEO is also important.

If you are not yet an experienced professional, today it is possible to qualify through courses and training to enter this innovative market with greater ease.

With social isolation, home office and financial uncertainty, a large part of the population sought a second job or directly a career transition, turning to the digital world. If the fourth industrial revolution arrived faster than expected, it was due to this sum of factors.

For hirers, it is worth evaluating the candidate’s previous professional experiences and, if possible, seeking recommendations from relevant figures in the area.


Generally, professionals in the field have degrees and/or have extensive knowledge in communication, advertising, digital marketing and related areas. It is very important to have writing skills and awareness of communication principles to create relevant content that is of interest to the user.

But that doesn’t mean that a production engineer or a person in the healthcare field can’t emerge in the world of SEO. Just be more willing! SEO is a professional field full of tools to learn.

What are the different specialties within SEO?

There are many people involved. To explain it in a didactic way, I divided some important processes based on the three pillars of SEO: SEO On Page, SEO Off Page, UX.

On Page:

All processes that happen within the page.

Content SEO:

Those responsible for content must always be linked to the company, especially because they need to work strategically to reach their audience through keywords, updated guidelines, application of internal links and alt attributions – thinking about accessibility for everyone.

It is essential to create unique communication and a clear persona when writing blogposts, category texts, titles and descriptions, changing the tone of voice if necessary, so that the user is attracted to the SERP!

Technical SEO:

But there’s no point in having impeccable content without optimizing the site’s structure. It is due to factors such as URL architecture, page loading speed management, tracking, image and video optimization, and responsive design.


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